Globalmediapro U-101D VHF-UHF Home Agile Modulator (197-340MHz)

Globalmediapro U-101D VHF-UHF Home Agile Modulator (197-340MHz)

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RF output ranges from 45 to 860 MHz, covering both VHF and UHF band.

Low pass filter is installed for each of the six output frequency band to filter out high-order harmonic oscillations thereby avoid inter-channel interference.

A) 45~70MHz B) 71~115 MHz C) 116~196MHz
D) 197~340MHz E) 341~609MHz F) 469~885MHz

RF output available in 12 worldwide TV/Cable channel systems. Customer can easily choose one that is most suitable to this application. The 12 systems are NTSC M Air/Cable, PAL B/G Air/Cable, PAL A/I Air/Cable, PAL D/K Air/Cable, PAL B/H Air Australia, PAL B/H Air NZ, and SECAM L/L'.

Output level is adjustable between 90 and 113 dBuV.

Aural/visual Carrier Ratio adjustable between -11 dB and -18dB(option).

Visual Modulation Depth adjustable between 75 % +/- 10%.

Last channel memory.

Microprocessor controlled tuning.

Digital crystal PLL modulation.

Easy push button channel up/down control.

Spurious output: -60dB(@ sound-carrier 18 dB below picture-carrier)

Modulation type: Double side band modulation.